"Billion Dollar Brows" Makeup Review & Giveaway

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hi guys!  Today I have something new for ya: LunaVida's first ever makeup review!  I will not pretend that I am even a little bit of a makeup magician.  I consider myself pretty average when it comes to applying makeup; therefore, when I was offered the opportunity to review the Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit, I honestly was a bit intimidated.  You see, I was absolutely not born with the big, bold brows that are en vogue right now.  Despite the fact that my hair is very dark (what you see below is my natural color - I've never colored or even highlighted my hair before), my eyebrows did not get the memo.  They are very light, fine, sparse, and thin.  Funny story: all throughout grade school and even part of college, my eyebrows were completely blonde halfway through!  I didn't know much about makeup or how to fill them in back then, but I am certainly grateful to know now.  I am even more thankful to have had the chance to discover the amazing-ness that is the Billion Dollar Brows "Best Sellers Kit," because it is by far the best eyebrow product I have ever tried.  I can't wait to share with you!

1.) I started by using the Universal Eyebrow Pencil to fill in my entire brow.
[A little insider tip that I once read: Start filling in at your arch first and then outwards, because that is where your brows tend to be thinnest and your hand naturally presses harder.  Then you go back to the inner area of your eyebrows and finish filling in those sparse areas.]

2.) Then I took the spoolie brush side of Universal Eyebrow Pencil to brush up the eyebrow hairs to add more thickness and make the pencil look more natural.

3.) I used the Smudge Brush to sweep across the eyebrow again to further make the pencil more even and natural looking.

4.) Apply the Brow Gel to hold everything in place.

5.) For the finishing touch, I applied the Duo Highlighter to the inner corner of my eyes and under the brow bone.  (It really lightens up your whole face and makes you look more awake!)  I concealed any blemishes with the other side of the pencil.

6.) Voila!  You are all ready to take on the day.


I would recommend the Best Sellers Kit to anyone who has thin eyebrows, such as myself, or even to those who were blessed with nice, thick brows that need just a little bit of filling in.  I will definitely be a repeat customer, because I can't imagine reverting back to my old eyebrow ways!  Plus, today is your lucky day, because Billion Dollar Brows is giving away a number of these kits to fans.  Enter below for your chance to win!

I was given this product to try, powered by BrandBacker.  All thoughts expressed are 100% my own opinions and text.

December Dressing: [P]Leather Moto Jacket + Sweater + Boyfriend Jeans

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hey guys!  Have you been attending any holiday parties?  Matt and I are throwing a classic "ugly sweater" party next weekend, so we've been runnin' all around town, getting the goodies prepared.  (We also got the most amazing hideous Christmas get ups, and I just cannot wait to see everyone in their holiday best.)  Getting out and seeing the crowds of last minute shoppers and hearing the loops of the same five songs playing tends to anger a lot of people... Me, though?  It just gets me even more cheerful and excited for Christmas - hence why even when I am wearing "normal" clothing, it still has a hint of holiday, such as today's green and red-tinged outfit.  What can I say?  I love this time of year, and I don't care who knows it [ < -- to those in the know, that is a reference to Elf, of course]!

LC Lauren Conrad beige faux leather moto jacket (also seen herehere & here): Kohl's
{Similar $, $$ or $$$}

Green & white striped sweater (also seen here): Target
{Similar $, $$ or $$$}

Guess distressed boyfriend jeans (also seen here, here & here): Macy's
{Similar $, $$ or $$$}

Cognac peep toe booties: Target $24.48
{Similar $, $$ or $$$}

Handmade merlot cowl (also seen here): c/o East to West Co.

What have you been up to in order to get yourself in the spirit?  I feel like I need to bake something!  ... (But I'm not the best chef...)

Don't forget to enter the Polette Eyewear giveaway - it ends very soon!

Sweater Weather: Cardigan + Denim + Boots

Friday, December 12, 2014

Hello!  Can you believe we are already so close to Christmas?  I feel like I need to get back on the holiday cheer wagon, because I fell off for the past few days.  I need some Elf, The Grinch, and every cheesy holiday film that big movie stars have done as their careers started going downhill (no jabs meant at them, of course - I really, truly love those movies... Don't judge me) in my life immediately.  Which one do I start with?  How is one possibly supposed to narrow it down and make such a momentous decision?!

Oversized navy blue chunky cardigan (also seen here): Gap
{Similar $, $$ or $$$}
Use promo code "SHOP" for 30% off your Gap.com purchase for a limited time!

White flowy tank top with lace detail (also seen herehere & here): Forever 21
{Similar $$$ or $$$}

Distressed skinny jeans (also seen here, here & here): Old Navy
{Similar $, $$ or $$$}

Cognac brown flat boots (also seen herehere & here): Target
{Similar $, $$ or $$$}

Burgundy knee-high socks (also seen here): JCPenney
{Similar $$}

Vintage inspired necklace (also seen here & here): c/o Chain Crochet

Are you all done shopping?  I still need to figure out what I'm getting for Matt... I have no ideas either - ah!

Don't forget to enter the Polette Eyewear giveaway
 before it ends in a few days!

Recipe Rundown: No Bake Oreo Truffles

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hi guys!  For many people during this particular time of year, many of our schedules revolve around holiday get togethers.  That also means lots of cooking and baking goes down.  If you want to bring a dish that is sure to please just about anyone, bring a dessert (everyone knows it's the best part of any dinner)!  And if you want to bring a dessert pretty much anyone will enjoy?  Well then, Oreo Truffles are calling your name.  These are the most decadent, delicious treats.  Plus, (without the Oreo crumble garnish) they look kind of remind me snowballs, which is pretty cute for this time of year.  Oh, and did I mention they are super easy to make?  They contain only three ingredients, and there is no oven time or anything!  So what are we waiting for?  Let's get to eatin'!

+ 1 package of Oreos
+ 4-8 ounces of cream cheese (I personally used 8 ounces for this batch, but it's up to your preference.)
+ White dipping chocolate

1.) Finely chop Oreos up, which you can do in a blender, food processor or, as I do [see above], put the Oreos in a big plastic baggie and use a hammer (Seriously!  I have found it works the best).  Save some of the extra if you want to add the Oreo pieces on top at the end. 
2.) Mash the cream cheese and crushed Oreos until it's all mixed together.
3.) Roll into balls and place on a wax covered cookie sheet.  Put them in the freezer for about 15 minutes.
4.) Melt the white chocolate according to directions on the package.
5.) Pull the Truffles out of the freezer and dip them into the chocolate.
6.) Garnish with the leftover Oreo crumbs from before, but be sure to do this before the chocolate dries.
7.) Refrigerate, and then chow down when you're ready!

Original recipe found on Chef in Training

I made these Oreo Truffles for both Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving last month, and they were a hit.  What are your go to recipes for winter time?  Will you be trying Oreo Truffles for your next get together?  If you make these, be sure to snap a pic and tag me @alliegee319 on Instagram, so I can see, please!  Happy holidays!!

Don't forget to enter the Polette Eyewear giveaway before it ends!

Plaid & Preppy: Flannel + Cardigan + Skinnies + Booties [& a Giveaway!]

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Guys... Today is the 2nd anniversary of LunaVida!!!  I truly love this blog o' mine, and I really do have so much fun with it.  It has been an amazing creative outlet for me.  I am so grateful for the support it has received over the past two years from my loved ones, random kind strangers, various companies, and everyone in between.  It would be very hard to carry on with this labor of love if people were not into sharing it with me, as well, so thank you.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping to keep LunaVida alive, thriving, and most importantly, for keeping it fun.  I sincerely appreciate it, and I hope you'll stick around for many years to come.

Seeing as I am so excited to celebrate the occasion a giveaway is a must, of course!  This blog-iversary giveaway is super exciting, because you can win your choice of frames from one of my new very favorite brands, Polette.  They are such a cool company, because they offer a variety of affordable eyewear, which you can have catered to your needs.  They keep the prices low for us though by "being the only intermediate between the factory and the customer."  Therefore, the less middlemen there are, the lower their prices stay.  Be sure to check Polette out and enter to win your own frames at the end of this post!

Dark gray cardigan (also seen here & here): Old Navy $12
{Similar $, $$ or $$$}
Use promo code "SAVEMORE" for 25% off your OldNavy.com purchase through 12/7!

Wine toned plaid button up blouse (also seen here): American Eagle
{Similar $, $$ or $$$}

Burgundy skinny jeans (also seen here, herehere): Target $29.99
{Similar $, $$ or $$$}

LC Lauren Conrad brown buckle ankle booties (also seen here, here & here): Kohl's
{Similar $, $$ or $$$}

14K gold customized heart initial necklace (also seen here, here & here): c/o JWJewelryBox

Bracelets: Vintage and from a vendor in Italy [Side note: Is it time to go back to Europe yet? :)]

Tortoise shell oversized sunglasses: c/o Polette $22.99
I am seriously lusting over all things Polette.  That's why I'm so psyched for you to have the chance to win your very own pair!  These are the sturdiest sunglasses I've ever owned -- plus they are so affordable to boot!  I can't wait for you to check out a future post of mine featuring these sunnies, too.  Be sure to keep an eye out!

Navy blue satchel handbag (also seen here, here & here): Target $39.99

Mays the odds be ever in your favor.
{PS: The winner will get to choose frames from the "Vintage" or "Collection" categories.) 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please make sure you have your correct e-mail address in the Rafflecopter widget, because that's how the winner is contacted.  Also I do verify entries, so please make sure you are leaving the correct info, in case you win.  Thanks so much!


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