Looking Glasses: Striped Tee + Boyfriend Jeans + Boat Shoes

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hey guys!  I was cleaning out files from my (severely cluttered) computer, which quickly turned into a trip down Memory Lane as I found photos up photos from my college years.  I miss it, man!  It was oh-so-nice to stay up all night talking about absolutely nothing and absolutely everything with my roommates, cheering on our rotten football team at games, going to class [Hey, no making fun!  I picked a major that I actually enjoyed what I was learning!], and eating out for basically every meal.  Those were the days, I tell ya.  People always said those four magical years would be the best ever and, while I do truly enjoy post-collegiate life and getting older, that time period really was a whole different kind of fun and freedom.  Thankfully, Matt & I made amazing, lifelong friends during our school years (plus, we met each other in our freshman year dorm!).  One of these aforementioned buds is even coming in to town from San Diego next week to celebrate Thanksgiving with us again for the second year in a row.  Ooh man, I just can't wait!  (Hiiii, Jotir!  I'm looking at you!)

Black & white striped t-shirt: Old Navy $3.99 [Seriously, this top is less than $4!]
{Similar $ or $$}
Use promo code "CHEER" for 35% off your OldNavy.com purchase & free 2 day shipping for a limited time!

Guess distressed boyfriend jeans (also seen here, herehere): Macy's
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Rock & Candy beige boat shoes: DSW
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Tortoise shell glasses: c/o Firmoo
These glasses are one of my new very favorite accessories!  Firmoo has an amazing array of eyewear products -- and they are so affordable!  Plus, as an added bonus, the customer service was superb.  If you are in the market for some new specs, I'd definitely recommend you check them out.

Green crystal & rose gold stud earrings: c/o Authfashion
These earrings will be absolutely adorable for upcoming holiday occasions.  I can't wait to wear them more!  If you're looking for new accessories for the season, be sure to check Authfashion out (especially this kitschy ring or these snowflake earrings that I will also be featuring in another post soon!).

Rose gold geometric triple chevron necklace (also seen here & here): American Eagle

Rose gold link bracelet (also seen here): c/o Sparkle and Sophistication

Did you already graduate?  What are the traditions and times you miss the most?  I could go on... and on... and on reminiscing.  :')

Gray Matter: Dolman Top + Skinny Jeans + Studded Ankle Booties

Monday, November 17, 2014

Hey there!  As I mentioned before, Matt and I have already begun our holiday decorating (...as in we started on November 1st).  We went to Target the other night for even more Christmas lights, because we just can't get enough of that pretty, low glow they emit all around our apartment.  We don't even really use real lamps at this point, because between the strands of lights and seasonal scented candles, it's the perfect lighting for our little place.  Ah, I just love this time of year!

Gray speckled dolman shirt: Old Navy
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Dark wash skinny jeans (also seen here & here): PacSun
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Brown studded ankle boots (also seen here & here): Old Navy
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Pale coral crystal statement necklace (also seen herehere & here): c/o Madi & Bee

Gold geometric triangle necklace (also seen here, here & here): c/o Style Lately

Have you given into decorating for the holidays yet?  Seriously, I am impressed if you've managed to be patient and wait to start until after Thanksgiving, as tradition says to do.  I do not have that kind of self control, so kudos to you, if you are waiting!  If you've already jumped the gun, send me your Instagram links so I can see the cozy cuteness!

Miss New Booties: Tank + Shorts + Ankle Boots

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Hello there!  Can you believe we are getting so close to Thanksgiving?  Neither can I!  Time has gone by so quickly this year.  That whole "time flies by faster the older you get" thing really, truly rings true.  I mean, it seems like we'll blink and, before we know it, it'll be New Year's Eve!  Already looking back at 2014 though, this year has been one of my best yet.  We had our first full year living in Arizona, made great friends, went on our dream vacation to Europe, and (most importantly) adopted two new fur children!  I can't wait to see what the rest of 2014 still has to offer :)

Gray tank top (also seen here): Target $12
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Black pleated shorts (also seen here): J.Crew $29.99
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Carlos by Carlos Santana nude ankle booties (also seen here, herehere): Famous Footwear
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Semi-precious carpaccio 24k gold plated Agate pendant necklace (also seen here): c/o RUBY South Africa

14K gold "A" initial necklace (also seen here, herehere): c/o Sivado Studio

Which holidays are your favorites?  Do you have any traditions?  For Thanksgiving, we always have a ton (like, a literal ton) of sides, as well as a vegan tofu-rkey since Matt, my sister, and I are all vegetarians.  Just talking about the food makes the ol' mouth water!

Darnit! Vested Again: Khaki Vest + Beaded Blouse + Skinnies

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hello!  This week has brought the first real chill to Phoenix.  At night, we keep the windows open so the breeze comes in.  It's so nice and toasty in those dang blankets.  However, the coziness does lead to me not ever wanting to get out of bed.  Ah, well.  It's a small price to pay for the perfect autumn weather we've been dying for around these here parts.

Khaki sleeveless vest: E's Closet
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LC Lauren Conrad beaded white tank (also seen here): Kohl's
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Skinny navy blue pants with zipper details: Old Navy
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LC Lauren Conrad brown strappy cork heels (also seen herehere): Kohl's
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Gold link bracelet with white stone (also seen here, here & here): Threads by The Shine Project $24

Gold link bracelet with turquoise tassel (also seen here, herehere): c/o HBunnie Creations

Turquoise & amber stone drop earrings: Vitrine Designs

Do you like taking your favorite summer pieces and transitioning them into fall?  Since it still gets up to the 80s during the day here in the desert, I need to be sleeveless as much as possible.  Therefore, I've been taking my summer articles of clothing and incorporating them with some fall pieces, like this embellished tank mixed with navy skinny legged pants and this safari vest.  I gotta get fall pieces wherever I can for a few more weeks!

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